Where could I sell my MacBook Air in Ho chi minh city?


This article has been translated from Japanese into English using Deepl

This is a record of selling my MacbookAir (early2015) that I bought when I started college and my iPadAir2 that I bought used in Malaysia.

First, find a place to sell

I looked up “Ho Chi Minh City Mac purchase” in Japanese and found an article from about 2019 that says there are places that will buy them.

But apparently they are closed, or the information is all in Vietnamese, and I don’t know if they can really buy them…

So, when I looked up “purchase” over Vietnamese translation, I had a hunch that “Thu mua MacBook” would mean MacBook purchase.

From here, I just run the hit Facebook page or site through the Google lens to find the appropriate site.

The one I found is called 2Hand Land, located in GoVap.

I couldn’t figure it out from the website, so I told them I wanted to sell my MacBook at Zalo.

He asked me to send him a picture, it was supposed to be after business hours, but the response was great.

I also sent a picture of an iPadAir2 I bought used in Malaysia and they said they would buy it from me, although they didn’t tell me how much they valued it.

I initialed it before I went to bed.


The next day, I went to the address given to me by Grab and handed it to him, saying “I just want to sell it!

It’s hard to get in because the bike is placed so far in front of the house.

I had initialized it in Japanese, so it seems that Japanese became the preferred language until I set it up, and I apologize for the inconvenience to the clerk.

It took about 30 minutes to finish everything, he asked me to check my passport and give him my phone number.
And He asked where I live.

There was a kitty.

The appraisal price is

MacBookAir early2015⇨2,500,000VND(about 14,000 yen)


The Macbook was a trade-in from Apple with an appraised value of 6,000 yen, so all the best.

Now it’s time to go buy a new one


The first place I went was here, next to the Saigon Central Post Office.

The staff was not too busy, and when I approached them, they seemed to be trying to serve me and offer discounts and such.

When I asked them to check inventory, they said all Mac Book Airs are out of stock except for the Midnight Black 516GB.

The clerk said, “I’ll give you a discount on the Pro!” but I refused because it was over-spec for me…

The store did not even have the iPadMini6 I was aiming for, and I ended up buying only the 10th generation.

I would have preferred yellow, but they didn’t have that either, so silver.

They will give their email address at checkout and later receive a digital receipt and warranty details.

They asked me if I was a tourist and told me that there was duty free.

They were out of stock, keyboards and all, so I left the store a bit disappointed.

As long as there was a good selection, the staff was courteous and helpful.


Since it was my precious day off, I went straight to this restaurant that I had been curious about for a long time.

It’s at the end of an alley, so it takes a little courage to enter.

Despite the incident with the automatic door not responding to my height, I told the clerk that I wanted a new M2 MacBook Air, and he immediately checked the stock.

It was just in stock, so we sit down and wait in the store.

While we’re at it, do you need a cover film? Do you need a case? The clerk will ask you a lot of questions. They are not persistent, so you can say no.

I thankfully bought a film, an iPad case I had just bought, and a USB-C hub.

They gave us a 10% discount on films and cases.

They wipe you down with alcohol or something in a Zippo can, so there are a lot of negative reviews on Google Maps.

They also apply the film on the place. The skill is not so great, but I am clumsy, so they were very helpful.

The Mac Book Air I used in college was bare, so it’s probably better.


In the end, the second store was about 150,000 yen including accessories, so we thought we got a good deal.

My indoor life is enriched.

I wanted to sell a gadget this time and couldn’t find any information in English or Japanese, so I hope this will be useful to someone.